Thursday, November 28, 2013


The Brooklyn Youth Theatre performed a dramatic physical theatre piece that really made the audience have to think about the world we live in! Well done to all these exceptional teenagers who came up with such interesting ideas.

Brooklyn Upper Primary rocked the stage with their excellent performance!

Year after year our Brooklyn studio pull out all the stops! From their costumes to their committment they make us very proud! Well done to all the students for their remarkable performance!

Monday, November 25, 2013

What is the Sword in the Stone? - Our Lyttelton Upper Primary told the story of Arthur and the Sword in the Stone brilliantly!

 Helen O' Grady Drama Academy runs classes on Saturday afternoons in Lyttelton Centurion. Our Upper Primary class is made up of students ages 9- 12. This year we had a talented bunch of students who really enjoyed sharing their story The Sword in the Stone! Well done to you all!

Lyttelton Lower Primary Peforming The Snake Charmer

Our students aged 5 - 9 from our Saturday studio in Lyttelton loved performing their play the Snake Charmer! From the angry Sultan to the love struck Yasmin this play was thoroughly enjoyed by performers and audiences alike!

Faerie Glen Youth Theatre tackle Perspectives


Faerie Glen Upper Primary students really went to town with their play called The Cleanest Town in Texas

Students aged 9-12 make up the Upper Primary at our Faerie Glen studio. Every student created their own interesting outfit and they thoroughly enjoyed learning how to speak with a Southern Drawl!

The Snake Charmer Comes to Faerie Glen

Helen O' Grady Drama Academy has been running classes in Faerie Glen on Mondays since 2009. The Lower Primary class (ages 5-8) delighted audiences with their performance of The Snake Charmer!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Every Thursday Helen O'Grady visits Irene Primary. Students from Irene Primary as well as from other schools in the area such as South Downs College and Cornwall Hill join our Drama classes. It is fantastic for the students social skills to meet friends from other schools!
On the 9 November students from ages 5-13 performed their plays at Centurion Theatre. They were brilliant and most importantly they had loads of fun on stage!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


8 different Youth Theatre groups across Midrand and Pretoria workshopped their own version of the Physical Theatre Piece called Perspectives.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Students from Lindo Park Primary in Pretoria WOW audience with their dramatic performance!

Helen O' Grady Drama Academy has been running classes at Lindo Park Primary since 2010. Every year the students perform their plays at the school's Prize Giving. This year for the very first time the older students were invited to perform their dynamic physical theatre piece called Perspectives at the Centurion Theatre. They were excellent and the theatre experience was very special to them!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our Wierda Park Youth Theatre ended off the Evening with a very dramatic physical theatre piece called Perspectives

This year our older students (13-18yrs) explored the genre of Physical and Educational theatre. They really enjoyed the challenge and not only did it teach them a different genre of theatre it also made them think about daily issues that we face in South Africa

The Upper Primary had loads of fun performing their play The Cleanest Town in Texas

Our Upper Primary (ages 9-12) perfected their American Southern Drawl during their play called Cleanest Town in Texas.  All was quiet and still in the boring town of Abilene....well that is until Lullubelle comes to town...