Friday, December 11, 2009

Students from our Irene Studio enjoy every minute of their Pirate Play!

Our Irene Studio takes place every Thursday at Irene Primary, Bruce Road Irene. The students love their drama classes and many of their parents have commented on how much their child's confidence has grown! These children thoroughly enjoyed perfoming their play to a fantastic audience who even asked for an encore!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Bold Buccanneers are in Full Force!

Our Brooklyn Upper Primary looked fantastic dressed up as pirates and sailors! They had such fun performing this period piece! There is so much talent in this group! They meet every Tuesday from 4pm - 5pm during the school term in the Kykkos Hall at the Greek Church on the corner of Roper, Brooks and Lynnwood Roads in Brooklyn

Youth Theatre thrill audience with their fantastic play!

Our Youth Theatre in Wierda Park put on a wondeful physical theatre piece called The Unmasking of Macbeth. This play was written by the staff of Helen O Grady and is a great introduction into Shakespeare!

Wierda Park Upper Primary Delight Audiences!

Our Upper Primary Class in Wierda Park absolutely love their drama classes, which are held every Friday during the school term from 4pm - 5pm at the Reformed Church in Wierda Park. We would like to congratulate them on a tremendous effort! We are also very proud of how well they projected their voices during their performance - Well Done boys and girls!

Faerie Glen Drama Students Show off their Acting Skills!

Students from our Faerie Glen Studio delighted the audience with their charming play called The Snake Charmer!

Brooklyn Lower Primary Stole the Show!

The girls from our Brooklyn Studio had so much fun performing their delightful play called Paradesia! They really had the audience 'oohing' and 'aahing'! This class is run on Tuesday afternoons from 3pm - 4pm in the Kykkos Hall at the Greek Church, on the corner of Roper and Lynnwood Roads, Brooklyn - (opposite Pretoria Oos Laerskool and Pretoria University)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Our Youth Theatre group in Brooklyn is a dynamic group of teenagers! They are loving their play called the 'Unmasking of Macbeth'. There is drama, intrigue and murder... The audience is really going to love this one!


We have some very talented actors in our Upper Primary group - they attend weekly Drama lessons at the Greek Church in Brooklyn every Tuesday afternoon from 4pm - 5pm.

They are busy rehearsing for their wonderful pirate play called 'The Bold Buccaneers'. They play the role of terrifying pirates who come across two very scared sailors - what might happen to them? Will they be made to walk the plank or does the Pirate Captain have other plans for them?


Our Lower Primary class is doing a very sweet play called Paradesia - it is set on a tropical island and the children loved dressing up in 'Island Style'! Oh dear what happens when a freak storm hits Paradesia?


Rehearsals for our Year End Productions are well on their way - in fact all studios will be presenting their plays on Sunday 29th November at Pro Arte Alphen Park High School. The students at our Brooklyn Studio (Greek Church, cnr Lynnwood and Roper Rds) come from the surrounding schools in the area such as Waterkloof Primary, Pretoria Oos Laerskool, Brooklyn Primary, Tyger Valley College, Crawford College Pretoria and Anton van Wouw, just to metion a few! We are so proud of the dedication and hard work that they have put into their rehearsals!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wolf Wolf! Hoe Laat is dit?

In an age where Afrikaans films are rare, the feature film “Wolf Wolf” tries to break the barriers that were set for Afrikaans films in the last decade. It is a unique concept of an Afrikaans thriller set in a specific period of history. However, although the film is set in 1976, it shows no trace of the political elements that we have come to know in modern day South African cinema. The main objective of the film is to entertain and scare the audience with suspense and intrigue.

With an A-grade cast consisting of Anel Alexander (Discreet, Getroud met Rugby), Dewald Reynecke (Egoli, Getroud met Rugby), Justin Strydom (District 9, Kruispad) and Renske Jacobs (RSG, Tuine en Tossels) “Wolf Wolf” promises acting of the highest degree. Other cast members include Flakie Lakie, Erno van Dyk, Will Roberts, Christopher Marais and Abri le Roux.

“Wolf Wolf” is the first feature film that TUT’s film school have made in the last fifteen years. It is an experimental film in the sense that it has 17 directors. All the directing students of the fourth (final) year group had an opportunity of directing a part of the film. This was done through careful planning and workshops beforehand, with everyone deciding together on the final directorial treatment of the film. Although some films in Hollywood and Europe have had more than one director, as far as we know this is the first time it has been done in South Africa. We also think this may be the first time locally and internationally that a film has 17 directors!

The film was made on a budget of R 140 000. This is an extremely small budget, and the only reason we were able to make this film was through the generosity of our cast and crew to work for very low wages or no wages at all. And people like Beverly Guiney from Beverley Guiney Acquisto Studio of Dancing who very generously lent us her dance studio one afternoon for the crew to film a scene where Adriana, played by Anel Alexander, teaches a ballet class. Juliet from Helen O Grady Drama Academy, organised six girls who attend her weekly drama classes to be Adriana’s ballet students. The budding young actresses were more than happy to take part and they really enjoyed the experience! We also received small sponsorships from various organisations, such as Wimpy Hartbeespoort and generous discounts from organisations such as BPE Rentals.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rehearsals for The Snake Charmer

Our Upper Primary class in Faerie Glen is busy rehearsing for their Year End Production. Their play is called The Snake Charmer. Yasmin, the beautiful princess is finding it hard to find a suitable husband!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Six students of the Helen O Grady Drama Academy took part in a film shoot for a movie called Wolf Wolf which is currently being filmed by TUT. They were very excited and thoroughly enjoyed being on a real movie set!! Helen O Grady Pretoria has it's own casting agency, Aardvark Casting and we are sure that many more of our students will be in front of the cameras very soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The students at our Faerie Glen studio, which takes place on Monday afternoons at the NG Church on Glenwood Road, have just started rehearsing for their end of year production! Many of them have joined our Casting Agency - Aardvark Casting!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


We are so excited to announce the opening of our Drama studio at Beaulieu Preparatory in Crowthorne, near Midrand. The children are very enthusiastic and full of energy - just the way we like them at Helen O Grady!!

We have three classes running every Saturday morning. Lower Primary (5 - 8yrs) 9am - 10am

Upper Primary (9 -12yrs) 10am - 11am and Youth Theatre (13 -18yrs) 11am - 12pm

Here the Lower Primary have just finished their improvisation and are feeling very happy!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Our Youth Theatre in Wierda Park are a great bunch of teenagers who get on really well together....

Oh dear! The argument between Brandon and Redd gets heated....

Today and Always.....

The students have really enjoyed creating their own Soap Operas! Edwin and Rudene are playing charaters Sam and Marcia - they are innocently playing twister but of course in the true style of soapies Sam's fiance doesn't see it that way....


Our Wierda Park Youth Theatre takes place on Friday afternoons from 5pm - 6pm at the Reformed Church on the corner of Ruimte and Willem Botha Streets. This class is full of budding actors and actresses who use their vivid imaginations to come up with very interesting improvisations!