Friday, October 25, 2019

Magic is in the air!

This time of year, Magic is definitely in the air at Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Pretoria and Midrand. 
We are in the final stretch before our annual Year End Productions taking place on the 9th and 10th of November 2019. It's dress rehearsals and photo shoots, costumes and make up, and the nervous excitement is palpable!

Some kids love the feeling of excitement and anticipation. Seeing all the hard work they've done come to fruition.

But for some kids this is where reality strikes, and the nervous excitement becomes more and more nervous and less and less excitement.  They start using words like "scared" and "stage fright” and they start feeling overwhelmed. And this is where as a drama teacher you have to jump in and nip this fear in the bud.

For this, Juliet Jordaan, our Helen O'Grady Pretoria and Midrand Principal, has the best advice: she explains that feeling scared and feeling excited are similar emotions and sometimes we confuse them. Both have the feeling of butterflies in the tummy, our heart racing and a feeling that you can't sit still. Telling the kids that they are actually excited and not scared, calms most of them down instantly and allows them to channel their energy positively and start enjoying the process. And with any luck they end up enjoying their show and being on stage with no fear holding them back.

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