Thursday, November 14, 2019

Oops! We did it again! The art of Incidental Learning

(With thanks to HOG India)

One of the things we like most about teaching Drama is the fact that we teach invaluable life skills, but the students are totally unaware of all that they are learning. They are just having fun, using their imaginations, acting silly, playing pretend and living out their fantasies. It’s a bit like hiding ever offensive veggies like broccoli and brussel sprouts under mountains of creamy, cheesy sauce – you get all the good stuff, but you are enjoying it so much, you don’t even notice.

(With thanks to HOG India)
One of our favourite parts of our incredible Curriculum is the  Snippet” – this is a short improvised play performed in groups of 2 – 5. Students have to come up with a story following set directions. It is absolutely amazing what our Drama students of all ages come up with when they are given an opportunity to delve into their own fantasy world and present it to others. The teamwork, planning and self-imposed discipline that goes into the preparation for a Snippet is quite impressive. We clearly see leaders emerge and problem solving in action. Even the introverted children have to be part of the final product. The enthusiasm and praise from their classmates after they perform is such a boost, especially for these shy ones.
Such Personal development supports academic learning, by the children becoming more well-rounded, well-adjusted and confident to excel in all areas of learning.

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